WISDOM! Is that Enlightenment?

WISDOM! Is that Enlightenment?
Quote: "Wisdom knows this. Wisdom is not thinking about how to manipulate affairs so that events work out in its favour. Wisdom performs none of this. Wisdom just knows that we are being manipulated. To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment. This involves doing NOTHING. This involves NO PRAYERS, NO MEDITATION, NO MANTRAS, NO RITUALS, NO JOINING,… NO THING. All practices, be they MEDITATIVE or PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, are exercises in remaining OUT OF THE ONE ETERNAL MOMENT. This is not to say that meditating is bad or wrong, just as physical activity is not bad or wrong. There is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. However, these exercises avail no benefit in reconnecting to the wisdom state. Only emotional detachment, which is to place NO REAL WORTH or REAL VALUE in anything 3 dimensional, is true reconnection to reality. There is no such thing as TIME and SPACE, and to enter into activities where you confess, and admit, disconnection from wisdom, simply by entering into that activity whereby you hope to reconnect to wisdom, (or as some call it, ENLIGHTENMENT), then you have not RECONNECTED WITH your original WISDOM STATE." (Enlightenment is a luciferian term that sounds and seems to speak of reconnection to wisdom, however wisdom and enlightenment have nothing in common). - IM Nuff Said!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is Scientology?

Church of Scientology says: - "Scientology is a religion in its highest meaning, as it helps bring man to total freedom and truth. The essential tenets of Scientology are: You are an immortal spiritual being. Your care unlimited, even if not presently realized. Furthermore, man is basically good. He is seeking to survive. And his survival depends upon himself and his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe."

The Scientology religion contains workable answers to the problems people face in their lives. The subject matter of Scientology is all life. It contains practical means through which predictable improvement can be obtained in any area to which it is applied.

Scientology recognizes that man is not just so many vials of chemicals fortuitously combined into a remarkable stimulus-response machine. Scientology views man as a spiritual being with native capabilities which can be improved far beyond what is generally believed possible. In fact, it has been demonstrated that man deteriorates to the degree that he denies his spiritual nature and ceases to live with moral values, such as trust, honesty, integrity and other sometimes intangible characteristics.

By seeing man as essentially spiritual, Scientology follows in the traditional view of man and his relationship to the universe. Scientology, however, is unique in that it contains practical means of enabling man to resolve his material concerns and so come to achieve his spiritual aspirations. In this regard Scientology is an improvement over any earlier practice in terms of what it can actually do to help man.

Real Answer :
Scientology is a controversial international organisation. It is said to be variously a religion, an "applied philosophy", a cult, a scam, and profit making enterprise. It is treated as a religion for some purposes in various countries, in other it is classified as a cult (e.g. France) and in others it is classified simply as a non-profit or even a for-profit group (e.g. UK, Germany).

Scientology was developed by L. Ron Hubbard. He first introduced and defined the word on March 3, 1952 in Kansas. At that time he defined its scope, direction, purpose and breadth. Essentially he said it was intended to be a study of knowledge, to understand knowledge. In a later lecture he stated: "Scientology does not teach you. It only reminds you. For the information was yours in the first place."
Scientology has a complex institutional structure, and funds a number of supposedly independent groups such as Narconon, Criminon and CCHR. It is also well know for vicious attacks on critics and on psychiatric medicine, its "confidential materials" which refer to an alien overlord called "Xenu", and its litigious habits.

In 1950 Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1911-1986) made up what some consider to be lies and made his own religion for profit. Quote: "What better way to make money than starting your own religion?" -Ron Hubbard.

Mr Justice Latey, ruling in the High Court in London said "scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious... it is corrupt, sinister and dangerous."

1995 - Hidden cameras go inside the London Scientology Org.
Scientology: Inside the Cult;

1967 - Important documentary about the founder of Scientology. A rarecase where Hubbard was interviewed by an outside news crew. Scientology: The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard;

OK. Now let's expose these fuckers for what they really are...
In a Nutshell:
The Church of Scientology is a vicious and dangerous cult that masquerades as a religion. Its purpose is to make money. It practices a variety of mind-control techniques on people lured into its midst to gain control over their money and their lives. Its aim is to take from them every penny that they have and can ever borrow and to also enslave them to further its wicked ends.
It was started in the 1950s by a science fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard in fulfilment to his declared aim to start a religion to make money. It is an offshoot to a method of psychotherapy he concocted from various sources which he named "Dianetics". Dianetics is a form of regression therapy. It was then further expanded to appear more like a religion in order to enjoy tax benefits.

He called it "Scientology".
Scientology is a confused concoction of crackpot, dangerously applied psychotherapy, oversimplified, idiotic and inapplicable rules and ideas and science-fiction drivel that is presented to its members (at the "advanced" levels) as profound spiritual truth.

The Harm it Does to a Person?

The results of applying their crackpot psychotherapy (called "auditing") is to weaken the mind. The mind goes from a rational state to an irrational one as the delusional contents of the subconscious mind are brought to the surface and are assumed to be valid. It also makes a person more susceptible to suggestion since it submerges the critical thinking faculties of the mind into a partial subconscious state. It results in a permanent light hypnotic trance and so from thenceforth that person can be more easily controlled. The person will, to a much greater extent, believe and do whatever they are told. And of course this is used to the full in persuading them to hand over further money and dedicating themselves further to the cult.

The results of applying their oversimplified and inapplicable rules in life is to lose the ability to think rationally and logically. A person loses the ability to think for themselves and so they lose the ability to challenge incorrect ideas. This makes them easier to control. It also isolates and alienates the person from society so that they withdraw from normal society and into their "Scientology" society. This further increases their susceptibility to the influence of their group. They end up being afraid of society, believing all society to be controlled by a group of drug companies, psychiatrists and financiers all of whom report to more remote masters. In other words they are in a state of mass paranoia. They therefore avoid reading newspapers and the like since they fear it will disturb their safe Scientology world. It is a downward spiral into madness.

The science fiction content of Scientology is revealed to them after they have reached the state they call "Clear", meaning freed from the aberrations of the mind. However, perhaps "brainwashed" would be a more applicable word to describe the mental state of someone who has survived the near entire delusional contents of their subconscious mind brought to the surface and presented to them as "truth". On the "advanced" levels (called OT levels) above the state of "Clear" they encounter the story of Xenu. Xenu was supposed to have gathered up all the overpopulation in this sector of the galaxy, brought them to Earth and then exterminated them using hydrogen bombs. The souls of these murdered people are then supposed to infest the body of everyone. They are called "body thetans". On the advanced levels of Scientology a person "audits out" these body thetans telepathically by getting them to re-experience their being exterminated by hydrogen bombs. So people on these levels assume all their bad thoughts and faulty memories are due to these body thetans infesting every part of their body and influencing them mentally. Many Scientologists go raving mad at this point if they have not done so already.
The "Ethics" Trap

On the surface the Church of Scientology seems reasonable. The insane content of it is only revealed to a person when the early stuff has done its work and made them more susceptible. After a short while a person "believes" that Scientology is doing them good. They are then persuaded to help their new-found group further by donating money and/or working for the organisation for almost no money. Many people do exactly that.

"Ethics" is used to good effect to trap a person. A person's natural tendency to do good is worked upon. Yes - they want to be more ethical, but what is ethical? This is where a clever trick is pulled! "Ethics" is redefined by Scientology in such a way that to be ethical is to be a better Scientologist and obey the "church". Young people, not yet made cynical through the machinations of life and politics, are very keen to contribute to the world and to be ethical. So the "ethics" trick works easily into persuading them to join the "church". Many of them join an elite group called the
"Sea Org" where they become brainwashed slaves. There they work a hundred hour week for almost no pay. There they are subject to every cruel whim of their masters. It is a living hell that they endure because of the conditioning they have received and this now perverted sense of ethics that they have accepted. The "Sea Org" is the ultimate in brainwashed slavery. They are expected to work harder and harder to achieve ever higher targets of production. If they fail to meet their targets there are various penalties. One of them is to be put onto a diet of beans and rice and to miss sleep. Another is to be sentenced to a period on the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force). This is the equivalent to "hard labour". Such is the extent of their brainwashing that they actually write "success stories" when they complete their sentences.
Brainwashing Bites Back
There is no doubt at all that L. Ron Hubbard incorporated brainwashing techniques into Scientology to put people under his control. He even wrote a "brainwashing manual" which is still in existence today. However there was a cruel twist in his scheme. He fell victim of it himself. In creating his devoted slaves, the Sea Org, he created an audience that believed every word he said. Now L. Ron Hubbard had an over-active imagination plus delusions of grandeur. The negative feedback he would obtain by being part of normal society was replaced by the positive feedback from his devoted followers. Through this his imagination got the better of him and combined with his delusions of grandeur, his thinking became increasingly bizarre which, on acceptance, led on to more bizarre thinking and the idea that he and Scientology had the job of saving the entire universe He wanted to take over the world in order to further Scientology's aims to save the universe and so branches of Scientology were set up to try to influence governments and gain positions where they could influence to world to a high degree. So what started out as a mass confidence trick backed up with brainwashing became a monstrous and insane organisation with fantastic, fanatical ideals. Because of this change, the Church of Scientology survived the death of their founder. It is like a runaway monster machine that tramples on society and peoples lives that is very difficult to stop.
Stop the Monster
The whole machinery called the "Church of Scientology" needs to be jammed somehow so that more people do not get sucked in and the people already in it have a chance to get out. We must not forget the people already in this "church". Although they are the ones perpetrating this crime they are also the victims. They need our help as well. And here we come to the "War on the Internet".
The War on the Internet

The "War on the Internet" is the war between the Church of Scientology and Internet users who copy their documents and post them on the Internet.

The people who are copying their material and webbing it are using the huge accessibility of the world-wide web to get information out to people to warn them of the insanity and danger of this cult. They are doing it for the public good. The hope is that if they can get this information out to the public and make it broadly known then people will be forewarned and will not join the cult. If they can starve the cult of new members in this way then the whole organisation may collapse and then the existing members can be helped to return to society. But of course the people within the cult believe only their own founders interpretation of things so they use every means they can to stop this. Usually the method they use is harassment through lengthy and expensive legal processes. Sometimes it is physical harassment. Sometimes worse!

The people who post and host the copyrighted and confidential works of Scientology are risking themselves to help warn the public about the dangers of Scientology. They have a strong sense of public duty and care for their fellow men. They are breaking copyright laws it is true but they are acting out of conscience and out of high human ideals. As they get broken down by legal or physical harassment more rise to take their place.
I hope this short piece of mine is a befitting and deserving introduction to these people, the "Warriors of the Internet".

In an article to alt.religion.scientology 6. September 1998, parkerbp@webtv.net wrote:
Here's a short summary of my experience with $cientology.
-Staff was very friendly with me as a student and pc, as long as I kept forking over the dough for services and "fund raisers."
-I joined staff at an org and the attitude of other staff toward me got a little less than friendly.
-I joined the Sea Org and put up with alot of crap from staff and LRH's policy because I thought I was helping myself and my fellow man.
-I found out I was helping no one and hurting myself.
-I got out I began surfing the net and found many of my doubts and suspicions about the CO$ were very well founded.
-I had been lied to and deceived by the CO$ in order to gain my trust, my money, my loyalty, and dedication to a lost and evil cause.
-Now I am dedicated to voice my experiences and opinions of the cult of $cientology. - Bobby

How does this man make so much money? Here he has got to be one of the Dumbest Fucks on the planet. Why? Listen to what he says; absolutely FUCKING nothing that makes any sense in what he says about Scientology!
Tom Cruise Scientology Video - ( Original UNCUT );

Tom Cruise Scientology-Constipation Video;

fucking nuff said!


Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries ", by Mike Adams, Natural News, March 3, 2009

"There's a popular medical thriller novel in which a global pandemic is intentionally set off by an evil plot designed to reduce the human population. In the book, a nefarious drug company inserts live avian flu viruses into vaccine materials that are distributed to countries around the world to be injected into patients as 'flu shots'. Those patients then become carriers for these highly-virulent strains of avian flu which go on to infect the world population and cause widespread death. There's only one problem with this story: It's not fiction. Or, at least, the part about live avian flu viruses being inserted into vaccine materials isn't fiction. It's happening right now."

"Deerfield, Illinois-based pharmaceutical company Baxter International Inc. has just been caught shipping live avian flu viruses mixed with vaccine material to medical distributors in 18 countries. The 'mistake' (if you can call it that ...) was discovered by the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada. The World Health Organization was alerted and panic spread throughout the vaccine community ... Baxter is acting a whole lot like a biological terrorism organization these days, sending deadly viral samples around the world. If you mail an envelope full of anthrax to your Senator, you get arrested as a terrorist. So why is Baxter -- which mailed samples of a far more deadly viral strain to labs around the world -- getting away with saying, essentially, 'Oops'?"

"But there's a bigger question in all this: How could this company have accidentally mixed LIVE avian flu viruses (both H5N1 and H3N2, the human form) in this vaccine material?"

I will never forget the shock when I first read in my New Age research in the late 1980's, that the Illuminati planned to insert deadly live pathogens in the very vaccine which government agencies were touting as the cure to the disease. Then, as I reported in Monday's 4/27 News Alert, New Age researcher, Dr. Horowitz, and New Age author Bill Cooper both reported that the AIDS virus in Africa was deliberately spread by W.H.O. (World Health Organization) in "free" vaccines.

When the time comes for Seal #4 in Revelation 6 to actually occur, vaccines supposedly designed to kill the deadly disease ravaging the globe will, instead, be infected with the specific disease so that people who have not yet caught the pathogen will immediately die from it.

This event will occur only after Antichrist is on the world scene, so we have some years left. Scares like this Swine Flu are designed to produce the necessary conditioning to persuade people to quickly accept the vaccination solution, thus guaranteeing their death.


One interesting article titled, "A Pharmacist Questions
Vaccines " appeared in the December 1994 issue of The American Chiropractor. Some alarming statistics were listed in this article. For example, within a thirty-nine month period ending in November of 1993, the F. D. A. Vaccine Adverse Reporting System collected nearly 32,000 reports of adverse reactions following vaccination, with more than 700 deaths. DPT vaccine was associated with more than 12,000 of these reports, including 471 of the related deaths. "The F. D. A. acknowledges that this voluntary reporting underestimates the actual number of reactions." The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) was passed in 1986, establishing the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). As of July 5, 1994, the program has paid $452.5 million for vaccine injury or death, and is back-logged with more than 2,600 claim cases--all of which will not be settled for several years.

This information doesn't give me much faith in the medical profession's preventative care program. I am not writing this as a for or against position --just advising that one should make an educated decision on vaccines, whether for children or for animals.
~ Dr. Regan Golob


- JediTheOne - NUFF SAID!

Let's learn about NUMBERS - the number 12 - the circle and cycle of deceit

The number 12 is symbolic of the circle or cycle of deceit. Throughout religious organizations there appears, for some unknown reason, an inner circle of twelve. From the Christian religion we find there are 12 apostles. In the Old Testament there are 12 tribes of Israel. The tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table even includes 12.

Taking a casual look at the manipulation of a beam of light shows immediately that the number 12 is derived from the 12 months of the year. These 12 months break down into 2 - 12 hour sections that form one complete day. There is a notion in some denominations of the Christian religion, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, that there will be 144,000 redeemed souls. This is 10 x 10 x 10 x 12 x 12 = 144,000. This is the complete intertwining of the total resources of the manipulation mechanism of a beam of light. Put another way, twelve 12 hour clocks gives you 144 hours. Each hour symbolizes 1 elect. The word elect is referring to the manipulation of light energy, which is electricity. The total manipulation of 12 clock faces with 12 hours on each one, is just a symbolic way of describing totality. When the 10 times table is in-ten-sified 3 times and again multiplied by 12 - 2 times, (10 x 10 x 10 x 12 x 12 = 144,000) you have another number symbolizing completion and totality - or 360 degrees - a full circle. This is lunacy, of course. However, not that lunatic when you take into considertion that hypnotic subliminal suggestion doesn’t have to make sense, according to the common understanding of what sense is. Hypnotic suggestion just has to suggest.

Many education systems around the world indoctrinate children for 12 grades, or 12 years, as mandatory instruction. This is considered to be a very basic necessity to function in life. Again, the notion of completion. Yet another example. When a child reaches the age of 12, they have reached that point in life when the creative, intuitive process has pretty much been destroyed through peer pressure, etc. (It is at this time that the Gideon Bible Society gives every child a free bible. The years that follow will be directed at breaking the spirit of that child completely so that they conform to the demands and the norms of society. This again, is seen, when you manipulate a beam of light. This is one of the most primary forms of hypnosis which is then applied to humanity.

See the diagram immediately below and notice the triangle, the circle and the square. A child - represented by the triangle - has three angles totalling 180 degrees. The circle - representing the father who is an adult- has 360 degrees. The square around the circle - represents the mother who likewise is considered an adult - and also has 360 degrees. 360 degrees is double the size of the degrees of a child - the triangle - which only has 180 degrees. When you break one of the lines of the triangle outwardly, even 1 degree, that child becomes 360 degrees, or an adult. That child has been broken. The awareness that let the child be free and wise is broken, the child is disconnected from knowing and freefalls in a downward spiral into the reptilian brain thought process. This process is carefully forced upon humanity for the next 6 years (minimum), until the child graduates from the 12th grade. Another clone is ready to be used further by the system.


Another interesting thing about the number 12 is that it is a measure of distance. We call 12 inches one foot. Why 12? Obviously, this is another spin-off from the zodiac 360 degree circle with its 12 months. What do we call this 12 inch device? Yes, it’s a ruler. A Rule-r! How about that. Numbers are equated with ruling. Ruling what? How about the whole world. Quite frankly, if there were no numbers, there would be no time and space and in turn nothing 3 dimensional would appear to exist. Crazy thought, but true.

Sound is a huge part in the manipulation of light energy. The sounds we hear are directly connected to our energy field in the same way as colour and shape. The manipulation using sound has been derived from the same counterfeit source - the zodiac circle / the colour wheel - which occurrs when we break apart a beam of light. Breaking apart a beam of light is the dividing process of the luciferian thought form. When you hear a sound you are experiencing energy. You can physically feel the sound waves as they flow over you. If the sound waves are loud enough you can be physically moved. If the sound you hear is constructed in a musical form, one of repitition, you will be emotionally moved. Something this powerful and yet unable to be seen with the naked eye must be examined.

Sound is the original lie. Sound is a thought with meaning and intent. As stated in the judeo/chrisitian luciferian bible, “in the beginning was the word…” and this word is sound. The original group of demonic entities agreed together to think, and it is this thinking that is the thought process, which in turn is the lie process, which is the way energy or light is created. Light energy therefore, must be eliminated.

The lie thought process created this light energy, this 3 dimensional reality, we see all about us. 3 dimensionality is a lie and it is a hypnotic trance state we’re experiencing. The way to eliminate this lie and the ensuing hypnosis, is to reconnect to our awareness of what really is. We all have this awareness, we don’t have to ascend or become enlightened to obtain it, because we already have it. The only thing standing in the way is the lie, that light energy (the 3 dimensional realm) is real, and it is not.

Reconnecting to our awareness requires forfeiting a belief in god, in religion, in science, in intellectualism and in all the systems of the world that inspire thought and thinking. We already know everything because we are already filled with wisdom. We are wisdom! It’s only when we begin to think, that we leave the moment, (of which there is only one), and wisdom is replaced with the stupidity of intellectualism. This fosters fear, war, greed, hate, disease, confusion, stress and every corrupting notion available to humanity.

Immediately below is a light chart diagram showing how even a basic major music scale is inspired by the All Seeing Eye light molecule. Anything 3 dimensional is of this light particle, and the notes of the scale resonate back to this illusory lie. When the characteristics of music and language are examined and taken to the extreme, there is really only one shape, one colour and one sound. That one shape is a triangle, the one colour is black and the one sound is the word Eye or I, as in I Am. All other shapes, colours and sounds are just manipoulations of these basic three and help to perpetuate the lunacy of thinking. Every shape, colour and sound has to glorify the demonic egregore group of thinking entities who created this whole scam and who are, in their own minds, the Great I Am.