WISDOM! Is that Enlightenment?

WISDOM! Is that Enlightenment?
Quote: "Wisdom knows this. Wisdom is not thinking about how to manipulate affairs so that events work out in its favour. Wisdom performs none of this. Wisdom just knows that we are being manipulated. To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment. This involves doing NOTHING. This involves NO PRAYERS, NO MEDITATION, NO MANTRAS, NO RITUALS, NO JOINING,… NO THING. All practices, be they MEDITATIVE or PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, are exercises in remaining OUT OF THE ONE ETERNAL MOMENT. This is not to say that meditating is bad or wrong, just as physical activity is not bad or wrong. There is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. However, these exercises avail no benefit in reconnecting to the wisdom state. Only emotional detachment, which is to place NO REAL WORTH or REAL VALUE in anything 3 dimensional, is true reconnection to reality. There is no such thing as TIME and SPACE, and to enter into activities where you confess, and admit, disconnection from wisdom, simply by entering into that activity whereby you hope to reconnect to wisdom, (or as some call it, ENLIGHTENMENT), then you have not RECONNECTED WITH your original WISDOM STATE." (Enlightenment is a luciferian term that sounds and seems to speak of reconnection to wisdom, however wisdom and enlightenment have nothing in common). - IM Nuff Said!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hawaii – Higher Water Mythology - from the mind of the IlluminatiMARTIX

Hawaii – the 50th state of the USA, is filled with mythological gods and goddesses to challenge any culture of any illusory time period.

The number 50 corresponds to the
number 5 – SACRIFICE – and the
number 10 – INTENSITY – with 10=5+5,
and added together with the 5 of Sacrifice = 5+5+5.
These numbers, 5+5+5=15, the number of the Deity.

One of Hawaii’s most famous mythological goddesses is PELE. Pele is the name of the goddess when she’s worshipped as the FIRE GODDESS, the goddess of the VOLCANO, and PELE is the name used when she’s present in her FIRE BODY.

Pele is also worshipped as a Woman On The Earth. Her name as a woman on the earth is Hina-ai-ka-malama. This name, in turn, has been adapted to represent the Goddess of the MOON, and shortened to simply HINA. This is exactly the same name as applied to INANNA, or ANANNA, or DIANA, etc., of other cultures throughout history.

The story of Pele, as the Moon Goddess, has her being born in a land to the southwest, referred to as “close to the CLOUDS”. The suggestion here relates to the land of New Zealand, the land of the great white cloud, which in turn, through subliminal interpretation, and which refers to the southwest quarter of the Pacific Ocean, also suggests the SOUTH WESTERN United States. The southwest quarter of the Pacific Ocean links directly to the southwest USA in that the southwest states correspond to the southwest quarter of the North American continent, and the North American Craton Rock. This would include the states of California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Pele has a daughter LAKA, which is suggesting LA-KA, or Los Angeles Death. The name Laka also suggests the sacred LAKE, and WATER.

In the Flood version of Pele/Hina, the moon goddess, Pele’s husband is enticed from her, after which, Pele travels in search of him. As she enters into her search, it’s said, that the SEA COMES WITH HER, which pours from her head covering the land of KANALOA. The name KANALOA suggests the Sea-Wine (SWINE) of CANA, the location of the beginning of miracles of Christian belief. CANA in turn suggests CANADA, and the water of Canada, craved by the southwestern states. The sea covers the land of KANALOA in a fashion never before witnessed, inspiring the chant by Pele’s brothers that goes like this:

“A sea! a sea!
FORTH bursts the sea,
Bursts FORTH over Kanaloa (Kahoolawe),
The sea RISES to the HILLS…”

“Thrice” (3 times, according to the chant) the SEA FLOODS THE LAND, then recedes.
These floodings are called The-sea-of-Ka-hina-li’i.

Here’s what’s being suggested:

The sea bursts FORTH and these floodings are referred to as the sea of KAHINALII.

The key words, or syllables, form an anagram:

Hawaii is a 1,500 mile long archipelago. However, there are 8 main islands that form the populated area. These 8 islands are located opposite the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa, which itself, has a violent volcanic, seismic island called La Palma, which is on the verge of some form of activity at any time. As demonstrated previously on this site, locations, and the events concerning the locations on opposite sides of the world, are mirroring one another, conjuring up an illusory reality to be experienced in the 3D realm.


The subliminal, and the suggestion attached to Pele, as she goes out in search of her husband, refers to the TSUNAMI WAVE, the SEA THAT COMES WITH HER, across the great Pacific Ocean. Pele is a Volcano Goddess, a future seismic event, and when Pele blows as she goes looking for her husband, … when Hawaii blows, the suggestion is, that a tsunami will inundate whatever stands in the way. As just mentioned, the land that Pele and the tsunami is aiming at, is CALIFORNIA, where Pele’s Wave BURSTS FORTH. Pele is angry, … the Flood Goddess is upset, … she looking to get her husband back, … and California is the site of the MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB. This is the MARRIOTT HOTEL site within the World Trade Center Plaza. The Marriott Hotel was destroyed when Tower 1 and Tower 2 collapsed upon this building. The Marriott was the shape, and in the exact location of the as California.

Tower 1 is OREGON, and Tower 2 is ARIZONA. With the earthquakes that are occurring off the coast of Oregon, at 44 degrees N, and in and around the Baja and Mexico, Oregon and Arizona are subliminally situated within the subconscious mind of the world population to crash onto California, the site of the Marriage Supper of Judgment. As well, the increased frequency activity within California at EUREKA, at 40 degrees N, and increased activity in Los Angeles and the Sultan Sea area, the subliminal suggestion within this 3D illusory plane has taken hold and following the luciferian agenda precisely.


None of this is actually happening!
...and the escape from the horror is to recognize the emotional manipulation being perpetuated by the intellectually indoctrinated religious, political and scientific elite who worship the Hidden Entity called the Thought Process.

Learn to recognize the illusory concept of TIME and SPACE, recognize its falsehood, and how everything in this illusory realm is designed to work to distract us from what Reality REALLY IS, and thereby attempting to destroy the power and wisdom of the Paradise State. We are the Paradise State of Wisdom. This is our Original State of Being. We cannot be destroyed. However, this illusory body of humanity that we believe to be who we really are, has become the number one CONCERN, and the number one focus of CARING, and this is the luciferian power of corruption. This is the manipulation of Reality, the illusory 3D realm directly manifested through the Thought Process.