WISDOM! Is that Enlightenment?

WISDOM! Is that Enlightenment?
Quote: "Wisdom knows this. Wisdom is not thinking about how to manipulate affairs so that events work out in its favour. Wisdom performs none of this. Wisdom just knows that we are being manipulated. To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment. This involves doing NOTHING. This involves NO PRAYERS, NO MEDITATION, NO MANTRAS, NO RITUALS, NO JOINING,… NO THING. All practices, be they MEDITATIVE or PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, are exercises in remaining OUT OF THE ONE ETERNAL MOMENT. This is not to say that meditating is bad or wrong, just as physical activity is not bad or wrong. There is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. However, these exercises avail no benefit in reconnecting to the wisdom state. Only emotional detachment, which is to place NO REAL WORTH or REAL VALUE in anything 3 dimensional, is true reconnection to reality. There is no such thing as TIME and SPACE, and to enter into activities where you confess, and admit, disconnection from wisdom, simply by entering into that activity whereby you hope to reconnect to wisdom, (or as some call it, ENLIGHTENMENT), then you have not RECONNECTED WITH your original WISDOM STATE." (Enlightenment is a luciferian term that sounds and seems to speak of reconnection to wisdom, however wisdom and enlightenment have nothing in common). - IM Nuff Said!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Photoluminescence - "To Kill a Virus, Bacteria & Fungus"

For over 15 years I have researched non-invasive treatments for disease. Photoluminescence is one such procedure. It has been hard to find confirmation on this peticular topic. The information contained in post is profound. Read and see for yourslf. - JediTheOne

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Harris Medical Resources UV Light Therapy pt. 3

UPDATED 7-24-09






During a magic trick, the audience is often torn—they would like to believe that what they’re seeing is real, but all the while, they are asking themselves how the magician does the trick. They’re constantly trying to figure out the puzzle, and if they can’t, they dismiss the trick altogether.

Photoluminescent Therapy (PT) is known by many names, has persisted for many decades, treats many diseases, and is largely forgotten or ignored by modern medicine. PT is the unbelievable treatment that is too good to be true, so too often, people dismiss the treatment as impossible or a hoax.

Here at Harris Medical Resources, we have not only explored this therapy in great detail, but have applied and improved it. Our machine applies PT in an advanced, innovative fashion, and the purpose of this website is to reveal that PT is not magic, but hard science, a medical treatment that has lasted for a hundred years. PT is used to great effect in other countries as the primary treatment option of choice. PT, in a nutshell, works.

Doctors of many backgrounds and many locations on the globe have pleaded, tested, written books, and tried to show the truth of PT. Yet still it lingers in the background while prescription drug companies feed the population and pocket their billions.

We have assumed most of the questions you may ask, and have answered them with accessible specificity in the Frequently Asked Questions section, a huge resource for anyone beginning to discover PT.

For super-detailed, intense explanation of PT (also known as Biophoton Therapy), you may check out our Links.

AIDS, TB, Asthma, and Cancer are of course major illnesses worldwide, so there is a specific section devoted to them, Major Illnesses and PT . Here we will also reveal the strides that have beeb made in treating HIV and AIDS in Africa, and other places around the globe.

We and the medical experts that contribute to our site are dedicated to informing the public and promoting PT and the many benefits it can harbor for you and your family. Simply contact us at info@harrismed.com, and we’d be happy to respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Energex Systems, Inc. has designed and developed a breakthrough technology known as the Hemo-Modulator. The Hemo-Modulator process involves the exposure of a subject's infected blood to a very precise amount of ultraviolet light in the C band for a very precise amount of time. The end result, established by our studies, is an inactivation of the pathogen and an immune system uptake.

New Treatment For HIV/AIDS & Other RNA Type Viruses


The Healing Power of Light

Photoluminescence: UV Lght Irradiation in the Laboratory

by E.W: McDonagh, D.O.

In his 318-page book entitled Into The Light, William C. Douglass, M.D., outlines the tremendous powers of light. He delves into the many varied functions, properties and unique abilities of the color spectrum.

Each color has its wavelength that accounts for its activity. The medical use of ultraviolet (UV) in particular is demonstrated by published scientific studies, and patient case histories to have great curative ability in a wide range of disease entities.

Conventional medicine treats patients after the establishment of disease. Early detection and prevention is ignored. Usually irreversible structural change follows functional change that has been in progress for months or years. When "modern medicine" states "nothing abnormal found" but the patient has obvious complaints, the sufferer must wait until he can exhibit sufficient, unmistakable morbidity to be eligible for treatment. At this point the system cranks up to do battle with a vast array of expensive drugs, specialist physicians, surgeries, and hospitalization time. Advanced degenerative diseases are rarely reversed or cured, but controlled so long as the patient continues under the care of his or her physician.


Ultraviolet light as a medical treatment has been used since the beginning of the century. The technique is merely using UV light to stimulate the immune system and various enzyme systems. It is a tested and proven therapy that has accomplished incredibly miraculous cures with absolutely no side effects, and yet until recently it has been suppressed and ignored by American medicine.

UV light has been used in disinfection for many years, and it is still used for that purpose. It requires little sophisticated equipment, no complicated drugs, and it cures by stimulating the body's own immune response and various enzyme systems.

A small quantity of blood is treated with UV light (photoluminescence) and amazing things happen upon re-injection into the bloodstream. The body's defenses are rapidly organized to destroy all invading organisms whether viral, bacterial or fungal.

The author cites two cases, husband and wife, who both had the flu. One treatment completely reversed the system in both patients within two hours.

In the case of serious infections, marked reduction in toxic symptoms is observed in 12 to 48 hours.


Less UV exposure is required to kill bacteria in the human body than is necessary in the laboratory. When a small part of the infected bloodstream is exposed to UV light for less time than is required to kill bacteria in the laboratory, the pathogenic bacteria in the body are usually completely destroyed. In fact, many organisms are destroyed by an amount of irradiation that merely stimulates normal body cells.

Blood cells are huge compared to bacteria and are stimulated, while the same UV dosage kills the bacteria.

"UV light therapy (photoluminescence) has the remarkable ability to allow the ill body to make rapid readjustments back to normal biological selfregulation."

Also, certain significant amounts of two photo-sensitive amino acids -- phenylalanine and tyrosine -- that are absent in most body cells. These amino acids absorb additional UV energy that kills the bacteria.

There is also reason to believe that by destroying the bacteria in the treated sample of blood, an "autogenous vaccine" is produced that aids in rapid destruction of bloodstream bacteria.

The first article on the benefit of phototherapy was published in June 1934 by Hancock and Knott. By June 1942, 6,520 patients had been treated with UV therapy. The treatment was successful nearly every time. There was complete absence of any harmful effect.

Other effects of UV irradiation of the blood include increased effficiency of oxygen exchange, dilation of coronary arteries, rapid reversal of paralytic ileus (paralyzed gut following surgery), prevention and reversal of thrombophlebitis, restoration of normal autonomic nervous system balance, and dramatic relief in 80 percent of asthma patients.

Ultraviolet irradiation typically causes the body to eliminate uric acid more rapidly, suggesting usefulness as a treatment for gout, gouty arthritis, bursitis and other inflammatory conditions of muscles and joints.

Researchers also have found that blood sugar is temporarily diminished in diabetic patients by UV irradiation. This is probably due to an increase in insulin sensitivity.

The pineal gland, located at the epithalamus of the brain, secretes the vital hormone melatonin. It is the body's chief photoreceptor -- a receiver of photons from the eyes, and thus protects the body from light deficiency.

Calcification of the pineal glad occurs in a large percentage of people over 60 years of age. It is not a natural part of the aging process because it doesn't happen in everyone, but it is very common. "If a method could be devised," says the author, "to decalcify the pineal gland, I believe wondrous health benefits would ensue." Some of the benefits of chelation therapy using EDTA and/or UV therapy may be due to decalcification of the pineal gland.

It has been our experience that all organ function and glandular function improves as a result of EDTA chelation therapy, but I never considered its beneficial effect on the pineal gland before, I just assumed it should be enhanced as are all other tissues.


Botulism, a deadly form of food poisoning, causes extreme toxicity and carries a bigh mortality rate. Photoluminescence is very effective within 24 to 72 hours after treatment.

Miley, writing in Archives of Physical Therapy, Volume 25, June 1944, reports a case of a patient near death from classic botulism neurotoxin. He was unable to swallow, or see. The patient was treated with photoluminescence and within 48 hours was able both to swallow and see, and was completely clear mentally.

As Miley said, "There is, to my knowledge, no record in medical science or of any other therapy that can produce such an effect on a patient in the last stages of botulism."

Patients with advanced pneumonia, acute gangrenous appendicitis, multiple pelvic abscesses, and peritonitis have made hard to believe reversal of the problems in 24 to 72 hours.


Necessity is the mother of invention. It would seem to me that the Creator has mixed some good into every catastrophe. Most of us, however, can't find it; maybe we get sidetracked because of the tragedy.

Russia, with its long history of conmunist suppression and severe financil constraint could not encourage the organized development of high-tech medical hspitals, drugs, and hardware to reverse serious illness in their populace.

Physicians and researchers turned to more natural, more effective, less expensive methods. They have developed photoluminescence to a very effective degree and have published much on the subject for 20 years.

In the field of surgery alone, doctors of the former USSR have used UV therapy in over 100,000 patients. Surgeons Kutushev and Chalenko in St. Petersburg reported that UV therapy cut by 50 percent the number of complications and the necessity of using antibiotics in severe trauma cases. In the past ten years, these two surgeons have successfully treated over 3,000 patients with severe trauma using UV blood irradiation. Cases ranged from crushed kidneys to extensive bleeding into chest or abdominal cavities.

Extensive third degree burns also respond to photoluminescence.

Bacterial endocarditis, an infection of the heats valves, one of the most dreaded infections seen in medical practice, carries a high mortality rate. Dr. Krishtof and associates treated 250 cases that all had undergone prolonged therapy with antibiotics and cortisone with little effect. The patients were given two to three treatments per day.

UV light therapy was so successful that 43 of the patients were able to avoid surgical repair of their heart valves -- a remarkable achievement. Those who had surgical repair fared better posts-op than would be expected from such serious surgery, and their hospital stay was significantly shortened.

The Russians have successfully treated 128 comatose patients who have been poisoned by organophosphate or had psychotropic drug intoxication.

Twenty-two patients with cancer of the colon and rectum were treated with UV photoluminescence four times daily beginning with the first post-op day. A report from the Krasnoyarsk Cancer Center found:

1. Narcotics often were not necessary, or they could be discontinued on the second day.

2. There were no cases of adynamic ileus, the paralysis of the intestines so often seen following abdominal surgery.

3. Post-op infections were seen in only 10 percent of the patients compared with 30 percent in those patients not receiving light therapy.

A group of St. Petersburg physicians studied the effect of photoluminescence on 145 patients with severe blockage of the coronary atteries, who had suffered a previous heats attack. The doctors chose only patients who had not responded well to conventional drug therapy.

Significant improvement was registered in 137 of the 145 patients treated, as compared to control patients who did not receive UV light therapy. Pain was qickly relieved and analgesics were often discontinued. The dosage of heart medications, such as beta-blocking agents, were reduced in most patients and the attacks of angina were less frequent than the controls.

The authors attributed the good results to a dilation of the coronary arteries, and improvements of oxygen uptake in tissues.

I believe the combination of photoluminescence and intravenous EDTA therapy given simultaneously would produce even more outstanding results.

A. Levin and his associates studied the effect of UV blood irradiation on blockage of the arteries of the legs, a common problem in diabetics and heavy smokers. They reported positive results in eight of 11 cases with significant relief of pain, less dependence on pain killers, better sleep, better appetites and quick healing of ulcerations caused by poor circulation.

Dutkevich and associates reported that 10.3 percent of surgical cases in their series developed some degree of thrombophlebitis or thrombosis following surgery if not treated with UV light therapy. Not a single case developed these venous complications if they had been treated with UV light therapy prior to or after surgery.

The Wistar Institute made public a report in 1993 that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is believed to affect 10 million Americans, is caused by HTLV-II, a viral organism that causes hairy cell leukemia.

Remember, there is no cure for any virus and no cure for any form of leukemia. What will America's doctors do if 10 million young middle class citizens suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome come down with hairy cell leukemia?

On the front page of USA Today, August 22, 1997, there is an article by Steve Steinberg entitled, "U.S. Wary of Germ that Resists Drugs." A deadly microbe that has developed resistance to the last of the antibiotics readily capable of killing it has turned up in a Michigan man, health officials warned. His case marks the first time the microbe, known as Vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, has shown up in the United States.

Our reliance on the present treatmenl modalities is obsolete. Many more pathogens will be immune to antibiotics in the future.


UV light therapy (photoluminescence) has the remarkable ability to allow the ill body to make rapid readjustments back to normal biological self-regulation. The self-regulatory abilities of the body are really responsible for the many healings of medical science. No drug can cure an illness -- unless the body's own mechanisms are functioning correctly.

UV light irradiation of the patient's blood can save untold billions of dollars by reduced need for our medical system of hospitalization, drug usage and surgical procedures. For this reason, it will be fiercely suppressed in this country. Any treatment that threatens the status quo, no matter if it is ineffective and outrageously expensive, is always opposed by the old guard.

I wish all my patients and readers of this column sustained, permanent good health and a long, happy life. That is why I try to bring information from the cutting edge of alternative research; information you might not get otherwise. Read Into The Light, by W.C. Douglass, M.D., available from Second Opinion Publishing, Inc., Suite 100, 1350 Center Drive, Dunwoody, Georgia 30338, phone 1-800-728-2288 .

I have barely scratched the surface of the practical uses of UV light in medical and non-medical areas. Your body has the remarkable ability to keep you well, and to get you well again if you happen to become ill. I am convinced the most effective treatments will be the most natural. The miraculous effects of UV therapy seem to show a higher power than that possessed by organized medicine.

As I have told many a patient, God does the cure, but I take the credit!

Dr. McDonagh is a Kansas City-area physician who utilizes nutrition, conventional and alternative therapies to treat degenerative disease. He is a world authority on the use of chelation therapy.

His clinic is located at:
2800-A Kendallwood Parkway,
Gladstone, Missouri 64119
Phone: (816)453-5940

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The swine flu hoax is all part of a population reduction agenda. This is why they are targeting children and middle aged people. FACT!



John Holdren

Vaccine A-The Covert Government Experiment Thats Killing our Soldiers

The Philippine High Court convicted WHO (The World Health Organization) of involuntarily sterilizing over 3 million Philippina women through the use of vaccines. FACT!

Delayed effects of neonatal exposure to Tween 80 on female reproductive organs in rats.

The WHO 5-shot vaccine programs for tetanus in third world countries in South and Central America caused the involuntary sterilization of millions of women. FACT!

Monsanto's MON 810 corn causes sterility according to studies published by the Austrian Government. FACT!

Gardasil contains substances which may cause sterility in women. FACT!

A significant number of virologists and other scientists are on record stating that the Swine Flu was created in a laboratory and could not evolve naturally. FACT!

President Obama announced to the public shortly after his inauguration that every man, woman and child should receive the Avian Flu vaccine this fall along with seasonal flu shots this coming Fall. President Obama is on record saying that he believes that vaccinations should be mandatory. FACT!

Every recent major event like 9/11, the Madrid bombings or the London bombings has been accompanied by a materially identical training exercise simulating the actual event involving, confusing and distracting the legitimate responders. FACT!

Squalene is in the vaccination

EMERGENCY ALERT: Great Danger Lurking In Flu Shots Health Risks Far Outweigh Benefits!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reality, an Enormous Interference Pattern?

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where is here?

These are the fundamental questions mankind has asked since the moment we came into existence.

Many explanations to these questions have been offered over the years, usually by religion or science.  In Western society the explanations offered by these two groups usually contradict each other and as a result, many people continue to pursue these fundamental questions.

In many cases spirituality has been divorced from science and organized religion with disastrous consequences.  For centuries Western religions have sought to suppress both science and spirituality.  This applies particularly to the spirituality of indigenous and ancient cultures.  This agenda has been made clear; from the burning of the library in Alexandria to the continuing slaughter of the native peoples and the destruction of indigenous cultures around the world.  Mainstream science on the other hand, after emerging from centuries of repression, seemingly seeks to denounce religion and along with it spirituality. Scientists began stating the human condition is one of biomechanics alone.  This renouncing of spirituality and ethics by science has led to a quagmire of degradation. This is a result of scientists asking "is it possible?" as opposed to "is it morally and ethically just?"  For instance, it is possible to split atoms, but it is not morally and ethically just.  

It is only when one unifies the concepts of science and spirituality that one begins to see the real nature of the universe.  Reality is comparable to the concept of holographic illusions; this is very similar to what the ancient and indigenous cultures have been describing for millennia. 

Holograms are photons projected through an interference pattern to create a seemingly three dimensional object.  Perhaps many of you are saying to yourself "OK... but a hologram has no physical substance and the world around me does."  Perhaps you are thinking "Hell!  I can see, taste, smell, hear and touch it so the world must be real."  How can the universe be an illusion similar to a hologram?  What do holograms have to do with ancient and indigenous wisdom?

Let's start by examining one such ancient idea, a hermetic teaching ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus, "as above so below."  This describes perfectly the fractal and holographic nature of not only the universe but the human body as well.  Each cell contains all of the DNA information necessary to create an identical copy of the whole organism.  The same can be said for fractals and holograms, in each part the whole is contained.  Break a holographic image in half and you do not get half of the image, you get a smaller version of the whole.  Much research has been and is being done by Nassim Haramein and others regarding the fractal nature of the universe and the scaling laws to which it conforms.  The universe including all life forms sentient or non-sentient and non living substances conform to the fractal nature of reality.  Changes in any level of the system effects the structure of the whole.

On a subatomic level the similarities between the nature of holograms and the nature of subatomic particles are even more pronounced.  Subatomic particles behave in ways that we, from a macroscopic perspective, perceive as not only confusing but also in many cases seemingly random.  An interesting experiment into the nature of subatomic particles, waves and wavicles is the double slit experiment.  It was determined that subatomic particles can manifest either as a wave function or as an particle.  Furthermore it was discovered that the action of measuring or observing the particles seemed to be the key in the collapse of the wave function.  Think about that for a moment, the observer caused the wave function, which generates an interference pattern, to become a physical particle simply by measuring it.  

Many of the greatest minds in physics have contended over the years the function of the role which consciousness or observation plays in the behavior of subatomic particles.  The Copenhagen Interpretation is one such argument discussing the nature of quantum phenomena.  The similarities between the particle springing into and out of superposition from a wave interference pattern of possible locations to a particle with a definite place in time/space as a result of the application of conscious energy and a hologram projecting a seemingly three dimensional image based on light projected through an interference pattern is astounding in its implications.  The difference in substantiality between a hologram and reality has to do with the energy feed and the receiver.  With regard to holographic reality, consciousness is the energy source and your DNA is the receiver.

Even what we perceive as solid objects are all manifestations of wave energy forms.  The atoms which make up the densest rock are mostly empty and the subatomic particles within them are winking into and out of existence as they jump valence shells.  Our perception of such "solid" objects is only the brain's interpretation of the electrical and biochemical signals it is receiving via our five senses.  So solid objects, or our perception of them as solid, is an illusory interpretation of varying frequencies by our DNA and brain.

It has become increasingly evident that the energy that powers the universe, which some call the unified or zero point field and others call God, is consciousness.  It is this consciousness projected through the interference pattern of energy waves that gives rise to us, all that we perceive and that which we do not.  It can therefore be said that we are all a manifestation of the consciousness from which the universe arises.  This consciousness is who we are, what we are and it is also where we are.  Like all energy consciousness is never gained or lost it simply changes form.  When you tap into the part of yourself that is infinite consciousness you see the physical form is just the receiver.  The real you is a mote of infinite consciousness.


Instead of the usual footnotes I am listing all the researchers, filmmakers and authors who pointed me in the direction of the information above and not only those whose work would normally be referenced in direct conjunction with the information in this article.  These footnotes are not only an acknowledgment of the scholarship of the people listed below but are also a sincere thanks for their contributions towards the education of all humanity.

thank you:

Nassim Haramein, Fred Allen Wolf, Gary Zukov, Niels Bhor, Werner Heisenberg, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente, John Hagelin, David Icke, Max Igan, Dennis Gabor, Yuri Denisyuk, Emmett Leith, Juris Upatnieks

Special thanks to my friends Knowthelies, Disorder and OMZ13 for their help editing this essay.

by Megan 'Verb' Kargher

Friday, July 24, 2009


"In March 2009 I was approached to create a combined and summarized version of "The Big Picture" "Fight the NWO With Global Non Compliance" and "NWO The Final Solution." The aim was to condense all 3 films into a one hour solution based production that would appeal to a wider audience and be suitable for television. This film is the result. Along with some new material this film contains 2 complete chapters of "The Big Picture - Final Cut" that remain virtually unchanged. This has not been done to 'recycle' old material but simply because the information contained within these chapters was relevant and needed to be included.

Should some people you know still remain blind to the urgency of the world situation and to their need to be informed and act upon such information, it is my sincere hope that this film may help you to open their eyes." - Max Igan


Monday, July 20, 2009

The Next Level & Then Some! - Short Films by Lela

Name: Lela - A Cat's Meow Production

I create these 19 videos to share my vision of the deeper connections underlying our collective quest. My creation of Cats' Meow Productions is one way I have found to contribute to the expansion of our awareness at this crucial point in our evolution. I hope my work fans the flames of the incoming energies that are designed to spark our transformation. I using my little corner of the internet to encourage my viewers to dream big, be creative, trust yourselves and forgive each other so we can all get busy expressing this wonderous moment in time we get to experience. I really got a good feeling about this, folks, and I hope after viewing my videos you, too, will have renewed hope for our future!

WELCOME to my Video Illustration of my view of the future of mankind as revealed by teachers, mystics and psychonauts. I hope to encourage responsible curiosity regarding teacher plants and their purpose in our evolution. Remember, normal is just a setting on your washing machine!

-The Next Level
-Phase Shift
-Mirror Mirror
-I can Believe
-Pivot Point
-Break Through
-A Visitor's Guide To Earth
-Bringers Of The Dawn
-Remember Your Essence - Manly P. Hall
-Opening the Gate for 2008
-Going Crazy
-And The World Understood...
-Maui No Ka Oi!
-Disclosure Now!
-My YouTube Garden
-Hana Hou!!!
-Here Comes Everybody

Friday, July 17, 2009

Max Keiser - The Edge - 7.10.09 News


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emergency Broadcast! New World Order Ahead!

Please do everything you can to circulate this video far and wide. Post it in blogs, bulletins, forums, chain emails... Upload it to your YouTube channel... Use your imagination...

For more information click on title or link here:


- DarkStar888 -

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nature was my Teacher - The Vision of Viktor Schauberger

Nature Was My Teacher - The Vision of Viktor SchaubergerThis is Tom Brown 's fascinating video documentary Nature Was My Teacher - The Vision of Viktor Schauberger which vividle presents the natural philosophy of famous austrian forester Viktor Schauberger who developed his own way of understanding nature's principles and by emulating them developed many machines and useful ways to harness the natural energy in a non-destructive way.He grew up among the magnificent Austrian forests, wanting to become a forest warden like his father, grandfather, great grandfather and his father, before him. But life was to take Viktor far from the peace & solitude of the great mountains and forests. Instead he was to lead the struggle to preserve the Earth, the forests and rivers; attacking the exploitation of nature, as early as the 1920s.Nature was his teacher - through an understanding of nature's principles, seen in the flowing motion of water, he gave the world a vision of how technology could be transformed to render free, non-polluting energy for our use. He warned of the consequences, facing humanity, if the present death-oriented technology continued!He died, betrayed by the same powers who promised to make his dreams a reality - commercial gangsters, who TAKE ALL and give NOTHING in return!

Nature was my Teacher - The Vision of Viktor Schauberger 1-2-3-4-5

Who was Viktor Schauberger?
by Morten Ovesen, the Malmö group.

A brief biography could be like this: Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian forester who was active during the first half of the 19:th century. He had a huge beard and a friendly laughter, this he combined with an uncompromising belief in himself and his ideas. He was obstinate in combination with a choleric temper. He was a good drawer and probably a skilled craftsman. Even if Viktor was not schooled the academic way he had a deep knowledge in biology, physics and chemistry. His sense and understanding on how water flows in the nature was exceptional. From his observations he formulated his new hydrodynamic basic theory. His friends and opponents described him as highly intelligent and with this intellectual sharpness he made a deep cut in his (and ours) physical paradigm.

Viktor Schauberger made his first tentative efforts during his childhood. His highest wish was to follow in the footsteps of his forefathers and become a forester in the primeval-like forests that could be found in Austria in the end of the 18:th century. During his long walkabouts in the deep forest it was the water that first of all caught his attention. Small creeks and rivers were animated for him. The revolution of the water appeared as much more complex than the established knowledge explained. He meant that the water streams were the blood of the earth, and the smallest deviation in the temperature could be compared to the deviations seen in human blood. Fresh water makes it's own winding way in the nature and by doing this it builds up an internal movement that gathers more power than the man is able to measure.

He proved this internal power by designing long winding floating canals that were able to float huge timber logs using just a small amount of water. Along these canals, ingenious water exchange stations were placed. In these stations fresh cool water was refilled when the old "worn" water was tapped. To describe the internal movement of the water is not easy! To be able to do this Schauberger had to create a home made terminology. Terms as cycloid turbulence, inward flushing movement and dia-magnetism did not belong in academic seminars and he early fell on the wrong side of the scientific establishment. On the other hand, with spruce needles in his beard, eyes that burned of conviction and a spirit that categorically refused any contradiction he was surely not easy to handle.

Viktor Schauberger's basic thesis contains a universal, twofold movement principle. He meant that life sustains by a gathering, implosive type of movement and reversed, a spreading, explosive movement that leads to the extinguishing of life. With the implosive movement coolness, suction growth and healthiness follows. The explosive movement generates heat, pressure, fragmentation, illness, and death. His opinion was that man had only succeeded in mastering the movement of death in order to release energy. All known engines are based on explosion, heat and pressure. To only use the explosive movement, definitely leads to the destruction of nature. These thoughts did not get any sympathy in his time, decades before the environmental problems showed up.

Therefore, one of Schaubergers aims was to investigate and artificially copy this movement that he could see that the nature was using in order to gather energy for different uses. Basically the movement could be described as an inward moving and twisting vortex. The appearance of the vortex is wide. A spiral galaxy is an expression for a disc-shaped vortex whose opponent could be a DNA molecule, which describes a nearly infinite long thread-shaped vortex. The grade of complexity becomes obvious if You realize that large vortices are composed of smaller vortices and so on.

Imagine the vortex that lifts the stack of leafs, this vortex is a part of a larger system of vortices. Schauberger meant that when these vortex systems are co-ordinated and phase together, huge forces are released. These forces are capable of building or condensing biological systems and also rays of something that he named dia-magnetism. This dia-magnetism is opposed to gravitation and explains (among other phenomena) how it is possible for life-forms on the surface of the earth to grow up in the air.

Everywhere in the nature Schauberger could see shapes that sustain this, as he named it, multiple centripetal movement. The beds of creeks and rivers, the gills and fins on fishes, the wings of the birds, blood vessels and similar things, all these gives an impulse to this type of movement.

He tried to artificially generate the centripetal movement in various types of machines. Among other devices, he designed several prototypes of so called home power plants. These devices had conical, twisted tubes that were wrapped around a conical shaped body as a main component. When these tubes are forced to rotate, water is sucked into the tubes in the biggest end and after being processed in the tube it is sprayed out in a tremendous force on turbine vanes, mechanically connected to a generator. An other design, an implosion machine that sucked in air that was twisted so efficiently that the dia-magnetic field was able to lift the device with a tremendous force. However, the information on the function and efficiency of these devices is uncertain. What is known, is that Schauberger had both American and Soviet eyes directed on him. At the end of his life he was cheated, isolated and silenced by businessmen from the US. These businessmen feared that he could threat their business.

Viktor Schauberger died 1958, betrayed, side-stepped, and misunderstood 73 years old in Linz, Austria. Those of you who can feel the sucktion from the waste biographic hole that this rudimentary presentation brings, I recommend the book "Living water" by Mr Olof Alexandersson.

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Denzel Washington Imprint - A Lenon Honor Film

Denzel Washington Biography
ActorDenzel Washington won an Oscar as best actor for his role as a rogue cop in the 2001 film Training Day. It was his second Academy Award; he also won in 1989 as best supporting actor for the Civil War film Glory. Washington got his early break on TV, playing Dr. Phillip Chandler in the television drama St. Elsewhere (1982-88). He received critical praise for his role in the movie A Soldier's Story (1984), and was nominated for a supporting actor Oscar for Cry Freedom (1987). Washington worked steadily throughout the 1990s in big-budget thrillers, comedies and dramas, including Philadelphia (1993, with Tom Hanks), Crimson Tide (1995, opposite Gene Hackman) and The Preacher's Wife (1996, with Whitney Houston). His portrayal of boxer Ruben Carter earned him another Oscar nomination for the movie The Hurricane (1999).

Denzel Washington was born on the 28th of December, 1954, in Mount Vernon, at the north end of the Bronx in New York City. His father - himself named Denzel after the Doctor Denzel who delivered him - was a Pentecostal minister with the Church of God in Christ. His mother, Lynne, was a beautician and former gospel singer, while there were also an older sister, Lorice, and younger brother David. Incredibly, Denzel Jr was unhappy with his looks from an early age, eventually getting caps of those unsightly front gap-teeth.

He was a serious child, was Denzel, but brought up in very sociable surroundings, spending much time listening to his mother and father, in their own different styles, entertaining their clients at work. It's often been said that the boy picked up his desire to act from the flamboyant communication that went on around him at this time. He certainly picked up a desire to work - the family ethic was very strong - and young Denzel found himself labouring in barber shops and beauty parlours from the age of 11. He was also a member of the Boys' Club of America, for whom he is a leading spokesman to this day (he's also a major supporter of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, and AIDS-hospice The Gathering Place).

When Denzel was 14, he and Lorice were sent away to boarding school. Their parents reasoned they would get a better education but, more importantly, the kids would not be around to witness the messy end of their marriage. Lynne now raised them herself, and Denzel is always quick to praise her for keeping him on the straight and narrow. Remembering his three best friends of the time, he once explained that one was murdered, one died from AIDS-related illness, while the third was in the middle of a 25-year stretch. And Denzel was living like a king in Hollywood. Nice one, mum.

Denzel had considered a career as a doctor, but decided on journalism and, as ever setting his mind to the task in hand, by 1977 he had graduated with a BA in journalism from Fordham University. But, by then, his focus had changed. At university, he'd stumbled into acting and discovered both a latent talent and, probably, an escape from his intense personality. He recalls now how his friends would often complain about how tense and up-tight he was, how he would brood constantly. Only when he had kids of his own, he says, did he really learn how to have fun. So acting must have been a release and a relief - he certainly threw himself into it. One performance, as the green-eyed, wife-throttling Moor, is still talked about at Fordham to this day.

Denzel doesn't often dwell on race issues in Hollywood. "I'm very proud to be black," he once said "but black is not all I am. That's my cultural historical background, my genetic makeup, but it's not all of who I am, nor is it the basis from which I answer every question". This he proved over his next eight roles - only acouple dealt overtly with racial politics, but ALL the roles were wildly different from the rest. He was, quite purposefully, an actor first and a spokesman second. Actually, maybe being a spokesman came third or fourth, after being a husband and father.

Nowadays, Denzel spends as much time as he can with his family in an LA mansion once owned by William Holden - when he's not filming or working at his production company. This, called Mundy Lane Entertainment after the place Denzel grew up, debuted with Devil In A Blue Dress and has made well-received documentaries on Hank Aaron and Shaft-director Gordon Parks, both Emmy-nominated. Home-life, of course, is important as the kids are growing up now. They have an added value, too, because he foolishly once risked losing them. Before the Oscars of 1993, in an interview with Barbara Walters, conversation turned to sexual temptation. Very unwisely, Denzel said "Being a star and all of that, temptation is all around. It's all around, you know, and I haven't been perfect. I'll be quite candid about that". The press, of course, went mental. Washington would never be that candid again.

Lenon Honor breaks down the Temporal Transference of Denzel Washington's Subliminal Character Imprint.

Denzel Washington Imprint 1 of 3

Denzel Washington Imprint 2 of 3

Denzel Washington Imprint 3 of 3

I persoanlly don't think that Training is a great movie but this scene is one of the BEST I've seen Washington rvry perform...it's fucking AWESOME.

Alonzo(Denzel Washington) famous last words Training Day

Denzel Washington Impersonation by Reggie Regg

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The Crises of Credit Visualized


The goal of giving form to a complex situation like the credit crisis is to quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated. This project was completed as part of my thesis work in the
Media Design Program, a graduate studio at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. For more on my broader thesis work exploring the use of new media to make sense of a increasingly complex world, visit my website here. or email me at: jonathan.jarvis@gmail.com

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

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The Creator & The Rulers of Humanity (The New Breed)

This is a series of three (3) documentary films by Lenon Honor. Each film has been divided in five (5) parts. This You Tube presentation has been embedded to play all yhree (3) films (15 parts total). I found these Documentaries very interesting to say the least. I don't necessarily agree or disagree with these films & the information they contain. Just watch, enjoy, ponder and see what you think?
- JediTheOne

1) The Creator, The Gods, Evil, and The Manipulation of Humanity! (1-5)

Could it be possible that reality is much more complex than we have been taught? Is it possible that there is a distinguishable difference between the Creator and the gods? This documentary reveals to us an important truth; that our understanding of the Creator is extremely limited.

2) The New Breed; Rulers of Humanity! (1-5)

Building upon the spiritual concepts presented in his film "The Creator, the gods, Evil, and the Manipulation of Humanity", filmmaker Lenon Honor further explores the origins of the manipulation of Humanity on Earth.

3) Who is Oro Oyogomunde? (1-5)

Lenon Honor has produced several other films including, "What Lies In Plain Sight", "The Workings of Evil", Demons in the Outfield; Pedophilic Baseball, Presidential Election Process is a Fraud, Collin Powell Predicts 1/21/09 Crisis!!!, and Bush Smiles at JFK Assassination. All of these videos are viewable in higher quality at: http://www.lenonhonorfilms.com/

"This is our original state of existence: to know all things and to be free and liberated. This has nothing to do with whether our physical bodies are free and liberated, it has to do with becoming free and liberated from the hypnotic manipulation of our minds. Hypnotic manipulation of our minds is when we actually believe OUR MIND IS OUR MIND.

What we believe to be OUR MIND and OUR THOUGHTS, is actually the luciferian conjured up illusion of OUR MIND. This is THEIR MIND and THEIR THOUGHTS we experience in this 3 dimensional plane. For this reason we must always watch and wait. Don’t react to anything in anyway, for this is all luciferian based emotional manipulation. Emotionally detach from placing value on the things that the luciferian mindset suggests are of value in this 3D experience. In this way we reclaim the power of our original state and once again reconnect with Paradise – RIGHT NOW!" - IlluminatiMATRIX


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Religion or Atheist....What Do You Want To Believe When You Grow Up?

"WHAT IS ATHEISM?"Atheism is characterized by an absence of belief in the existence of gods. This absence of belief generally comes about either through deliberate choice, or from an inherent inability to believe religious teachings which seem literally incredible. It is not a lack of belief born out of simple ignorance of religious teachings.

Some atheists go beyond a mere absence of belief in gods: they actively believe that particular gods, or all gods, do not exist. Just lacking belief in gods is often referred to as the "weak atheist" position; whereas believing that gods do not (or cannot) exist is known as "strong atheism."

Regarding people who have never been exposed to the concept of 'god': Whether they are 'atheists' or not is a matter of debate. Since you're unlikely to meet anyone who has never encountered religion, it's not a very important debate...

It is important, however, to note the difference between the strong and weak atheist positions. "Weak atheism" is simple scepticism; disbelief in the existence of god. "Strong atheism" is an explicitly held belief that god does not exist. Please do not fall into the trap of assuming that all atheists are "strong atheists." There is a qualitative difference in the "strong" and "weak" positions; it's not just a matter of degree.

Some atheists believe in the nonexistence of all gods; others limit their atheism to specific gods, such as the christian god, rather than making flat-out denials.

"Is there such a thing as atheist morality?"If you mean "Is there such a thing as morality for atheists?," then the answer is yes, as explained above. Many atheists have ideas about morality which are at least as strong as those held by religious people.

If you mean "Does atheism have a characteristic moral code?," then the answer is no. Atheism by itself does not imply anything much about how a person will behave. Most atheists follow many of the same "moral rules" as theists, but for different reasons. Atheists view morality as something created by humans, according to the way humans feel the world 'ought' to work, rather than seeing it as a set of rules decreed by a supernatural being.

"Then aren't atheists just theists who are denying god?"A study by the Freedom From Religion Foundation found that over 90% of the atheists who responded became atheists because religion did not work for them. They had found that religious beliefs were fundamentally incompatible with what they observed around them.Atheists are not unbelievers through ignorance or denial; they are unbelievers through choice. The vast majority of them have spent time studying one or more religions, sometimes in very great depth. They have made a careful and considered decision to reject religious beliefs.

This decision may, of course, be an inevitable consequence of that individual's personality. For a naturally sceptical person, the choice of atheism is often the only one that makes sense, and hence the only choice that person can honestly make.The word "deny" can be used to mean "fail to accept the truth of." In that sense only, atheists deny the existence of god. They are not "in denial," wilfully ignoring evidence; nor do they necessarily positively assert the nonexistence of god.

"The way to change the world is to change people's minds. As more and more people openly discuss the fact that "God" and "Allah" are completely imaginary, the world becomes a better place. The people who believe in "religion" look sillier and sillier. Eventually, religion becomes a fringe activity that is meaningless."http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/

"Atheists aren't that bad. This is NOT an argument for atheism... It's a defense of atheists.

- This video received the award for "Excellence in Humanist Communications" from the Harvard University Humanist Chaplaincy.

- James Randi said this video was "very cool!"Michael Shermer said it was "very impressive."

- Penn & Teller said, "If a god existed, this video would make him wish he were dead."

- Dan Barker (author of "Losing Faith in Faith") said it was "very creative and powerful" and that it "makes a GREAT point!"

- Greg Epstein (the Humanist Chaplain of Harvard University) said "it's a wonderful video!"

- Stephen Ulh (author of "Imagine No Superstition") said that this video was "just wonderful for the cause of atheism."

- David Mills (author of "Atheist Universe") said "I am absolutely addicted to watching this fabulous video, which has almost instantly become a legend in the freethought community. Zak has created the most intellectually and emotionally powerful multimedia presentation I've ever seen endorsing the atheist position. This is a proud moment for all rational-minded people. Atheist books can have wide-reaching influence, but I strongly suspect that Zak's video will influence a much larger audience than any atheist book ever published. The first few times I watched this video, I literally had tears in my eyes by the end. The artistic talent and technical skills required to write and produce this video -- as well as its core message -- have made Zachary Kroger my newest freethought hero. I'm not surprised at the HUGE reaction Zak's video has generated."This video (among others) was also mentioned in the November 4th New York Times article "God and Man on YouTube."

- Nobelief.com said this was "the best video of 2006."
NOTE- It has been brought to my attention that Marlon Brando, Mark Twain, and Susan B. Anthony are not atheists. I looked into it, and my original sources were wrong. Sorry. - Zak



If there is a God, why so many atheists? Atheist, Atheism, Atheistic
There is no evidence that there is proof of God or that if God even exists. This is a reason why there may be so many atheist, atheists or atheistics.

If there is a God, why are there so many atheists?

Until today there has been no evidence that the kind of God that is spoken about exists. People are asking if there is an almighty God why doesn't he come to our help? There is so much suffering in the world. Is that a compassionate God that does not respond to our suffering and allows it to go on?

If God existed he would come down to help relieve the suffering of people. People do not see this God and they turn to atheism. They are not to be blames. They have a right to turn against the idea perpetuated by religion.

Not a single scientist or psychiatrist has been able to prove that God exists.

Not a single so called enlightened Pope or Lama like the Dalai Lama can prove the existence of God. There is no evidence. This is a scientific era and because the existence of God cannot be proven people have a right to be atheist. At least atheists are seekers. They might discover one day whether God exists.

Atheism: IF There is a God, why so many Atheists?

The Best Atheist Demotivational Posters
This video is a compilation favorite atheism-related demotivational posters.

The song: "Comfort Eagle" by Cake

The song: "Comfort Eagle" by Cake Lyrics

We are building a religion
We are building it bigger
We are widening the corridors
And adding more lanes

We are building a religion
A limited edition
We are now accepting callers
For these pendant key chains

To resist it is useless
It is useless to resist it
His cigarette is burning
But he never seems to ash

He is grooming his poodle
He is living comfort eagle
You can meet at his location
But you'd better come with cash

Now his hat is on backwards
He can show you his tatoos
He is in the music business
He is calling you "DUDE!"

Now today is tomorrow
And tomorrow today
And yesterday is weaving in and out

And the fluffy white lines
That the airplane leaves behind
Are drifting right in front
Of the waning of the moon

He is handling the money
He's serving the food
He knows about your party
He is calling you "DUDE!"

Now do you believe
In the one big sign
The doublewide shine
On the bootheels of your prime

Doesn't matter if you're skinny
Doesn't matter if you're fat
You can dress up like a sultan
In your onion head hat

We are building a religion
We are making a brand
We're the only ones to turn to
When your castles turn to sand

Take a bite of this apple
Mr. corporate events
Take a walk through the jungle
Of cardboard shanties and tents

Some people drink Pepsi
Some people drink Coke
The wacky morning DJ
Says democracy's a joke

He says now do you believe
In the one big song
He's now accepting callers
Who would like to sing along

He says, do you believe
In the one true edge
By fastening your safety belts
And stepping towards the ledge

He is handling the money
He is serving the food
He is now accepting callers
He is calling me "DUDE!"

Do you believe
In the one big sign
The doublewide shine
On the bootheels of your prime

There's no need to ask directions
If you ever lose your mind
We're behind you
We're behind you
And let us please remind you
We can send a car to find you
If you ever lose your way

We are building a religion

We are building it bigger

We are building

A religion

A limited


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The Truth about CIA JIM JONES and Jonestown

"The coroner of Guyana, Dr. Mootoo, was on the scene quickly, and testified that almost all the dead had injection marks on their shoulder blades, or were shot or strangled. There was no evidence of mass suicide, but mass murder."

Jim Jones and Jonestown, What Really Happened?

Unlike most other figures deemed as cult leaders, Jones enjoyed public support and contact with some of the highest level politicians in the United States. For example, in the heat of the 1976 Presidential Campaign, Jones met with Vice Presidential Candidate Walter Mondale on his campaign plane.

Likewise, First Lady Rosalynn Carter personally met Jones for a private dinner at the Stanford Court Hotel. Mrs. Carter later called Jones personally. At the 1976 grand opening of the San Francisco Democratic Party Headquarters, Jones packed the audience with Temple members and garnered louder applause when he spoke than Mrs. Carter.

Governor Jerry Brown, Lieutenant Govenor Mervyn Dymally and Assemblyman Willie Brown, among others, attended a large testimonial dinner in Jim Jones' honor in September of 1976. At that dinner, Willie Brown referred to Jones as "a combination of Martin King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein, and Chairman Mao." Both Assemblyman Willie Brown and Jesuit Trained Governor Jerry Brown attended Temple services.

One survivor reported that those who resisted were forced by armed guards. The gun that reportedly shot Jim Jones was lying nearly 200 feet from his body, not a likely suicide weapon. As Chief Medical Examiner, Mootoo's testimony to the Guyanese grand jury investigating Jonestown led to their conclusion that all but three of the people were murdered by "persons unknown." Only two had committed suicide they said.

Several pictures show the gun-shot wounds on the bodies as well. The U.S. Army spokesman, Lt. Col. Schuler, said, "No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not an issue here." The forensic doctors who later did autopsies at Dover, Delaware, were never made aware of Dr. Mootoo's findings.

There are certain signs that show the types of poisons that lead to the end of life. Cyanide blocks the messages from the brain to the muscles by changing body chemistry in the central nervous system. Even the "involuntary" functions like breathing and heartbeat get mixed neural signals. It is a painful death, breath coming in spurts. The other muscles spasm, limbs twist and contort. The facial muscles draw back into a deadly grin, called "cyanide rictus." All these telling signs were absent in the Jonestown dead. Limbs were limp and relaxed, and the few visible faces showed no sign of distortion.

Instead, Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the left shoulder blades of 80-90% of the victims. Others had been shot or strangled and a majority showed signs of being held down or restrained prior to injection.

There's a lot more to this,. There is an overwhelming amount of peculiaritys to this case. It's very sad. And incredibly it seems like all the polititians were in on it. They gave Jim Jones credence right to the very end. It wasn't a cult. It was a group of people who were activists and wanted to work together to make the world better.

It's time to begin to understand the manner of the enemy we are facing. They are a murderous foreign enemy that hate what America and all free nations stand for. To them it's blasphemy that needs to be put under the fascist hand of Rome. They have infiltrated our country and destroyed it. The media was their biggest prize. America is duped. Just struggling to stay afloat, no one has time to spend looking into the conspiracy.

Here's an old clip from the early 80's talking about things that are not generally known about Jonestown.
1. How two survivors ended up getting married.
2. How another survivor went to another cult.
3. how the people telling the story seemed like actors. Several government officials were murdered. And another one was assassinated one week after this Jonestown massacre. There was definitely more to Jones town than what is generally known.

Jim Jones and Jonestown, What Really Happened?

The Truth about CIA JIM JONES and Jonestown

**NEW** From Jonestown to Waco

Tuli Kupferberg CIA man with lyrics below - from "Burn After Reading"


Who can kill a general in his bed?
Overthrow dictators if they're Red?
Fucking-a man!

CIA Man!

Who can buy a government so cheap?
Change a cabinet without a squeak?
Fucking-a man!

CIA Man!

Who can train guerrillas by the dozens?
Send them out to kill their untrained cousins?
Fucking-a man!

CIA Man!

Who can get a budget that's so great?
Who will be the 51st state?
Who has got the secret-est Service?
The one that makes the other Service nervous?
Fucking-a man!

CIA Man!

Who can take the sugar from its sack
Pour in LSD and put it back?
Fucking-a man!

CIA Man!

Who can mine the harbors Nicaragua?
Out hit all the hitmen of Chicag-ua.
Fucking-a man!

CIA Man!

Who can be so overtly covert?
Sometimes even covertly overt.
Fucking-a man!

CIA Man!

Who's the agency well-known to God?
The one that copped his staff and copped his rod?
Fucking-a man! CIA Man!
Fucking-a man! CIA Man!
Fucking-a man! CIA Man!
CIA Man! CIA Man!
CIA Man! CIA Man!
CIA Man!


I extracted much of the information from the "Spiritually Smart Website". Click on title of this post to link for more details on this topic and other interesting information.


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Presenting: Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (John Cameron Mitchell, 2001)

Adapted from the hit off-Broadway musical of the same name is this tale of an "internationally ignored" rock & roll singer who hails from Communist Berlin and who dreams of becoming an American sensation. Hedwig (John Cameron Mitchell), born a boy named Hansel, is raised by a single mother (Alberta Watson) who wishes to see her son do better than his poverty-stricken family. Some years later, Hansel is attracted to a good-looking American G.I, who promises a better life overseas for young Hansel, under one condition: that he undergo a sex-change operation to become a fully functional female who he can then marry. The operation is seriously botched, leaving the now-renamed Hedwig with an "angry inch" only to be stranded in a dingy Kansas trailer park on the day the Berlin Wall comes tumbling down. Hedwig then supports herself through a series of ill-fated lounge gigs and side jobs, meeting up with 16-year old Tommy Gnosis (Michael Pitt), a religious type who befriends her and later steals her songs and becomes the rock star Hedwig always dreamed of being. Undeterred, Hedwig continues to perform in the shadow of Tommy's sold-out stadium tour, attempting to make herself whole in spirit, if not physically. The film features several songs by composer Stephen Trask, who also appears as a member of Hedwig's disinterested rock band; Miriam Shor portrays Hedwig's newfound love and back-up singer.

Review by Francis Cruz: Lawyer-Critic

"Hedwig and the Angry Inch, John Cameron Mitchell's breakout film, is a cinematic translation of his successful off-Broadway musicale. It's hugely helped by the song compositions of Stephen Trask --- from its hyperactive opening song to the more mellow, more emotionally driven slow songs that inhabit the work's core. Trask and Mitchell's collaboration has crossed over to the silver screen with relative ease: the film is independently funded; no studio bickering beneath the translation; thus, the creators manage to keep their intentions intact.

Let's stop kidding ourselves though. True, the melodies, the rhythms, the driving force behind the art are all original but the work won't survive without the centerpoint of everything: Hedwig (as played by Mitchell). He's a cinematic anomaly. You just can't pinpoint what he is: he's had a sex change operation (but without that inner drive that pushes most transgender individuals; he was forced to undergo the operation by his American boyfriend and his mother); the sex change operation is not entirely successful as a bit of his phallus would grow back (thus, the angry inch). Hedwig is a character that uncomfortably sits in a vague middle: fabulous and almost nearly female (yet with signifiers of his male past --- underarm hairs, the prominent Adam's apple); Mitchell casts a female (Miriam Shor) as Hedwig's jealous boyfriend (it connotes another conundrum --- is their relationship homosexual or heterosexual?).

Hedwig's backstory is also wildly interesting. His life is told through the several musical numbers performed by Hedwig and his band in buffet restaurants while trailing rock icon Tommy Gnosis (Michael Pitt), Hedwig's ex-boyfriend and intellectual property-thief. It's an elementary technique that surprisingly works. A decision to record the songs live as sung (it helps that Mitchell and his band has had years of on stage performances to make it work, and work very well). Mitchell's visuals provide a very satisfying range: The song "Origin of Love," about how the Greek gods physically separated men and women as theorized by Plato, is accompanied by crude animation; a dreamy sequence of Hedwig (then, Hansel)'s seduction by his then-husband shows off the uncontrollable tempting power of Gummy Bears and American candies; Hedwig's childhood in Communist East Berlin is treated with nightmarish candor --- Hansel hidingly wiggles to the ditties of American radio or uncomfortably holes up in his mom's oven just to listen to his American inspirations.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is more of a statement, a very powerful one on sexual and gender ambiguity, than a concrete narrative. This brings me to my serious problem with Mitchell's film: it's unconvincing (or pretentious) and highly open-ended conclusion. It's as if Mitchell couldn't come up with an adequate end to Hedwig's mission of reclaiming fame and intellectual integrity from Tommy Gnosis, that he just settled with something more symbolic (a cheap way out as it will excite and satisfy those watching the film as an activism or a strengthening of one's choices in life, sacrificing narrative competency). It's my same problem with Jonathan Larson's Rent (Chris Columbus, 2005; which appears a lot in the film probably as a symbol for selling out) which conveniently ended with a fantasy sequence and a medley of songs of affirmation.

It's a huge complaint, but one that didn't dent my appreciation for Mitchell's effort. Above everything else, Hedwig and the Angry Inch is bombastic, at time irreverent, always hyperactive, truthful, and most importantly, highly entertaining."

Enjoy The Show

Tear Me Down: - The character of Hedwig is presented as a paired opposition: American rockstar glamour versus communist ideals; excess versus repression. One may think Hedwig would simply rebel against hir initial childhood repression, but what Hedwig ends up internalizing is the symbol of the opposition itself, the divide, as we see in the song "Tear Me Down," where Hedwig likens herself to the Berlin Wall. The very beginning of this tale presents a nigh impossible conflict between two opposites; Hedwig takes on the persona of the struggle between two halves, defying those who might bridge the gap and thus destroy hir.


Don't you know me Kansas City?
I'm the new Berlin wall
try and tear me down

I was born on the other side
of a town ripped in two
I made it over the great divide
now I'm coming for you

Enemies and adversaries
they try and tear me down
you want me, baby, I dare you
try and tear me down

I rose from off of the doctor's slab
like Lazarus from the pit
now everyone wants to take a stab
and decorate me
with blood graffiti and spit

Enemies and adversaries
they try and tear me down
you want me, baby, I dare you
try and tear me down

On August 13th, 1961,
a wall was erected
down the middle of the city of Berlin.
The world was divided by a cold war
and the Berlin Wall
was the most hated symbol of that divide
Spit upon.
We thought the wall would stand forever,
and now that it's gone,
we don't know who we are anymore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hedwig is like that wall,
standing before you in the divide
between East and West,
Slavery and Freedom,
Man and Woman,
Top and Bottom.
And you can try to tear her down,
but before you do,
you must remember one thing:

There ain't that much of a difference
between a bridge and a wall
without me right in the middle, babe
you would be nothing at all

Enemies and adversaries
they try and tear me down
you want me, baby, I dare you
try and tear me down

Enemies and adversaries
they try and tear me down
you want me, baby, I dare you
try and tear me down

From East Berlin to Junction City
hello New York, hello Missouri
what you try and tear me down
come on and tear come on and tear me down

Next, Origin of Love - Very Interesting Song. The dual natures of humanity is a very important, repeated theme in Hedwig: we have the early conflict of east/west influences, seen in "Tear Me Down," and the contrast between appearance and identity as seen in "Wig in a Box." The most important, though, for both the film and the tale type, is that of male/female. In "The Origin of Love," we hear Hedwig's account of the creation myth, in which gods tear apart the four-legged dual-humans into "lonely, two-legged creatures." Despite mention of these double humans in male-male (children of sun) and female-female (children of the earth) configurations, it is obvious that Hedwig identifies with the muddled male-female creature, the "children of the Moon."

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Origin of Love

When the earth was still flat
and the clouds made of fire
and mountains stretched up to the sky
sometimes higher
Folks roamed the earth
Like big rolling kegs
they had two sets of arms
they had two sets of legs
they had two faces peering
out of one giant head
So they could watch all around them
as they talked while they read.
and they never knew nothing of love
it was before

the origin of love

the origin of love
And there were three sexes then
one that looked like two men
glued up back to back
called the children of the sun
And similar in shape and girth
were the children of the earth
they looked like two girls
rolled up in one
And the children of the moon
were like a fork shoved on a spoon
they were part sun, part earth
part daughter, part son

the origin of love

Now the gods grew quite scared
of our strength and defiance
and Thor said,
"I'm gonna kill them all
with my hammer
like I killed the giants."
And Zeus said, "No,
you better let me
use my lightening like scissors
like I cut the legs off the whales
and dinosaurs into lizards."

Then he grabbed up some bolts
and he let out a laugh,
said, "I'll split them right down the middle,
gonna cut them right up in half."
and then storm clouds gathered above
into great balls of fire

And then fire shot down
from the sky in bolts
like shining blades
of a knife
and it ripped
right through the flesh
of the children of the sun
and the moon
and the earth
And some Indian god
sewed the wound up into a hole
pulled it round to our belly
to remind us of the price we paid

And Osiris and the gods of the Nile
gathered up a big storm
to blow a hurricane
to scatter us away
in a flood of wind and rain
and a sea of tidal waves,
to wash us all away
and if we don't behave
they'll cut us down again
and we'll be hopping round on one foot
looking through one eye

Last time I saw you
we had just split in two
you were looking at me
I was looking at you
you had a way so familiar
but I could not recognize
cause you had blood on your face
I had blood in my eyes
but I could swear by your expression
that the pain down in your soul
was the same as the one down in mine

That's the pain
cuts a straight line
down through the heart
we called it love
so we wrapped our arms around each other
trying to shove ourselves back together
we were making love
making love
It was a cold dark evening
such a long time ago
when by the mighty hand of Jove
It was the sad story
how we became
lonely two-legged creatures
It's the story of
the origin of love
that's the origin of love

Angry Inch: The next major event in Hansel's evolution is his meeting with Luther, another American GI; Luther is a literal and metaphorical "sugar daddy" who seduces Hansel with rich, forbidden Western candy. Luther promises to marry Hans and take hir out of Berlin, to America – there was just one small problem. In order for Luther to legally marry Hans, Hans must become a woman. Unfortunately for Hansel, the doctor was less than competent, and s/he was left with an "Angry Inch"…S/he is left is a scarred "one inch mound of flesh," an external manifestation of hir indecision between male and female; s/he is lost forever between the two poles. This is the moment of transformation in the tale: Hansel thus becomes Hedwig, the Beast, neither male nor female.

Hedwig: The Angry Inch

My sex-change operation got botched
My guardian angel fell asleep on the watch
Now all I got is a Barbie Doll-crotch
I got an angry inch

Six inches forward and five inches back
I got a
I got an angry inch
Six inches forward and five inches back
I got a
I got an angry inch

I’m from the land where you still hear the cries
I had to get out, had to sever all ties
I changed my name and assumed a disguise
I got an angry inch

Six inches forward and five inches back
I got a
I got an angry inch
Six inches forward and five inches back
I got a
I got an angry inch
Six inches forward and five inches back
The train is coming and I’m tied to the track
I try to get up but I can’t get no slack
I got a
Angry Inch Angry Inch

My mother made my tits out of clay
My boyfriend told me that he’d take me away
They dragged me to the doctor one day
I've got an angry inch

Six inches forward and five inches back
I got a
I got an angry inch
Six inches forward and five inches back
I got a
I got an angry inch

Long story short:
When I woke up from the operation
I was bleeding down there
I was bleeding from the gash between my legs
My first day as a woman
and already it’s that time of the month
But two days later
the hole closed up
The wound healed
and I was left with a one inch mound of flesh
where my penis used to be
where my vagina never was
A one inch mound of flesh with a scar running down it
like a sideways grimace
on an eyeless face
Just a little bulge
It was an angry inch

Six inches forward and five inches back
The train is coming and I’m tied to the track
I try to get up but I can’t get no slack
I got an
Angry Inch Angry Inch

Six inches forward and five inches back
stay under cover till the night turns to black
I got my inch and I’m set to attack
I got an Angry Inch Angry Inch

Wig in a Box:For once they arrive in America, Luther soon leaves Hedwig for a younger boy… and the Berlin wall falls, proving Hedwig's sacrifices to be largely moot. Hedwig is left in middle America, "Miss Midwest Midnight Checkout Queen," inventing an identity for hirself. "Wig in a Box" explores the malleable nature of appearance and its effect on identity.

S/he makes a persona for hirself by composing and performing rock songs, in shopping mall food courts and other very tangibly middle-American outlets. During this time s/he meets a teenage boy, Tommy, with whom she attempts to foster a relationship. Tommy himself has had problems with his own military father; in essence moving from his distant father-figure to the mysterious Beast. During the next section of the tale, Hedwig helps to transform Tommy from insecure gangly Protestant nerd-child to a hip, nubile young rockstar; she molds and sculpts him into a flashy rock performer, all hype and stage presence. Tommy is made the Beauty of the tale: the beautiful young love who can, perhaps, redeem the beastliness of Hedwig's confused identity.

NOTE: Watch for Masonic Symbols...I.E: @ 1:37 mark

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Wig In A Box & Sugar Daddy

On nights like this
when the world's a bit amiss
and the lights go down
across the trailer park
I get down
I feel had
I feel on the verge of going mad
and then it's time to punch the clock

I put on some make-up
and turn up the tape deck
and pull the wig down on my head
suddenly I'm Miss Midwest
Midnight Checkout Queen
until I head home
and put myself to bed

I look back on where I'm from
look at the woman I've become
and the strangest things
seem suddenly routine
I look up from my Vermouth on the rocks
a gift-wrapped wig still in the box
of towering velveteen.

I put on some make-up
and some LaVern Baker
and pull the wig down from the shelf
Suddenly I'm Miss Beehive 1963
Until I wake up
And turn back to myself

Some girls they have natural ease
they wear it any way they please
with their French flip curls
and perfumed magazines
Wear it up
Let it down
This is the best way that I've found
to be the best you've ever seen

I put on some make-up
and turn up the eight-track
I'm pulling the wig down from the shelf
Suddenly I'm Miss Farrah Fawcett
from TV
until I wake up
and turn back to myself

Shag, bi-level, bob
Dorothy Hammil do,
Sausage curls, chicken wings
It's all because of you
With your blow dried, feather back,
Toni home wave, too
flip, fro, frizz, flop,
It's all because of you
It's all because of you
It's all because of you

I put on some make-up
turn up the eight-track
I'm pulling the wig down from the shelf
Suddenly I'm this punk rock star
of stage and screen
and I ain't never
I'm never turning back

Hedwig and the angry inch - Midnight Radio (Beautiful Song)

Memorable Quotes:

Tommy: Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour?
Hedwig: No, but I... I love his work.

Hansel: Jesus says the darndest things.
Hedwig: [slaps Hansel] Don't you ever mention that name to me again.
Hansel: But he died for our sins.
Hedwig: So did Hitler!
Hansel: Eh?

Hedwig: Our apartment was so small, that mother made me play in the oven. Late at night I would listen to the voices of the American masters, Tony Tennille, Debby Boone, Anne Murray who was actually a Canadian working in the American idiom. And then there were the crypto-homo rockers: Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, David Bowie who was actually an idiom working in America and Canada. These artists, they left as deep an impression on me as that oven rack did on my face. To be an American in muskrat love, soft as an easy chair not even the chair, I am I said, have I never been mellow? And the colored girls sing... doo do doo do doo do doo... but never with the melody. How could I do it better than Tony or Lou... HEY BOY, TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE!