WISDOM! Is that Enlightenment?

WISDOM! Is that Enlightenment?
Quote: "Wisdom knows this. Wisdom is not thinking about how to manipulate affairs so that events work out in its favour. Wisdom performs none of this. Wisdom just knows that we are being manipulated. To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment. This involves doing NOTHING. This involves NO PRAYERS, NO MEDITATION, NO MANTRAS, NO RITUALS, NO JOINING,… NO THING. All practices, be they MEDITATIVE or PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, are exercises in remaining OUT OF THE ONE ETERNAL MOMENT. This is not to say that meditating is bad or wrong, just as physical activity is not bad or wrong. There is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. However, these exercises avail no benefit in reconnecting to the wisdom state. Only emotional detachment, which is to place NO REAL WORTH or REAL VALUE in anything 3 dimensional, is true reconnection to reality. There is no such thing as TIME and SPACE, and to enter into activities where you confess, and admit, disconnection from wisdom, simply by entering into that activity whereby you hope to reconnect to wisdom, (or as some call it, ENLIGHTENMENT), then you have not RECONNECTED WITH your original WISDOM STATE." (Enlightenment is a luciferian term that sounds and seems to speak of reconnection to wisdom, however wisdom and enlightenment have nothing in common). - IM Nuff Said!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New World Order-Spoken & The Three World Wars of Albert Pike - Freemason

Resist the New World Order-Spoken Word (Final)

Improved version of video. The words are better understood. Written, composed and produced by Sinister Minister. The truth needs to be told in all forms.

Lyrics written by S1nister M1nister ©
It's called the New World Order
Wake up from that Commercial Shit
Find your own information,
It's the only thing that can save you now.

"New World Order"

It's a big plan understand
Reduce the population, combine all the nations,
Cause greed makes innocents bleed.
On their behalf can you hear? Lend me your ear
To school you fools on the rule of the illuminati.
They claim to see with the all seeing eye.
Not giving a fuck about you and I.

They will try to bring about the plans of their clans.
But we the people can take a stand and stick
it back to the man understand?
Illuminati trying to crash this Bitch, but they ain't shit.
They spit and slither like the Beast from the East.
10 Horns they feast on our blood sweat and tears,
but never fear the Lamb paid dear.

Let me state how this state began
Police state designed through lies to enslave
our minds through TV. To bring about without a doubt
the chaos trying to create false order. Grab your
sons and daughters and flee. Take back your mind
cause in time their design is misaligned.
Creating money out of thin air. Causing despair,
to keep you in check, you in debt, you're depressed
worried and inept.

You can't stand up and don't give a fuck you lay
down when they drop the bombs on your towns.
They advocate consumption of their goods and drugs
frown upon hugs to your children to make them secure.
Are you sure that it is you who is raising them this day?
Or do you have pokemon teletubbies and other bullshit on display?

Take back your house,
cast them out of your hearts and minds.
By design you do what they say
buying products and services without delay.
With no food in your pantry on this day
Say what? Hey, you got tims and rims
eating McDonalds and cake, your mistake.
They will take the rest while you lie in the street
Mortgage foreclosed and your heart skipped a beat.

Weapons of Mass Destruction is the production of the media
Who orchestrate and create the thoughts and ideas of the weak.
Those who don't seek to learn what is real and what is not.
But will believe anything that they plot and play
over and over until you're waving a flag, ready to drag
your fellow man out of his spot to get shot. Now what you got
is a planet that's about to get hot.

With wars and blasts, the crash of cash that was King
It will no longer bring what you need, in your own greed
you will now have to plead and beg for bread, a roof
over your head and a brand new way to get fed.
So you take the Real ID that ain't real but you see
no other choice. They rejoice at the mark of the beast
on your head, you'll be dead for eternity, you can't flee
Their souls burn like read meat, lambs to the slaughter
Sheeple you oughta wake up and be seen, make it known that
you can live think and breathe on your own.

As for the Bushes and Rothchilds, Bilderburgers and false
smiles that treated the masses like sheep. You know that
the LORD is my Shephard when I lay me down to sleep.
You think you on top, but this movement won't stop
Red pills are taken all day, more are awakened and we will
remain unshaken and will continue to have shit to say.

This year 2008 get it straight or you'll be late to witness
first hand another false flag on our land. Home of the Brave
Land of the free, you and me? This shit ain't free, we pay dearly!
Home of the brave, you hide in your caves from fear. Bust a tear
the boogeyman is near. Osama last week, Saddam the next, you ate
it all up and you stuck out your chests.

911 was an inside job, we all got robbed of our innocence
It don't make sense with boxcutters and bombs, sound the alarms
our own people brought us harm. If you don't believe then
you've been decieved and they'll continue to feed you shit
all day. I've got a bridge in Brooklyn on sale on display.
Please jump off the bridge it will be quicker
cause the shit is about to get thicker, they're going to pour it on
terror alert on your front lawn, coming to a town near you.


Many thanks to S1nisterM1nister.

Albert Pike, after 'communications' with his spirit pal (lucifer), outlined how the 3 World Wars were supposed to be instigated, along with the outcome and the subsequent events.

As a Brother to an Afghanistan veteran and someone who doesn't agree with killing, I not only think that we live in a world where an international war-criminal can become President over the continent of Europe, but we live with spiritual wickedness in high places that is deliberately and arrogantly turning as many people on this planet away from God as is affordable.

Peace be upon you all and never hate those who persecute you; we've all been misguided at times.

Love, cloth, feed and educate each other. - by 5to22a

The Three World Wars of Albert Pike

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